These 27 robotics companies are hiring

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[These listings originally appeared in TechCrunch’s robotics newsletter, Actuator. Subscribe here.]

Every time I put out a call for robotics jobs, I’m bombarded. It’s a beautiful thing. In spite of various economic slowdowns and investment freezes, it seems like there are always dozens of companies trying to hire in the space. That’s surely a sign of a category that has expertly weathered a lot of recent storms.

This time out, we have just under 30 companies looking to increase their headcount.

Agtonomy (10 roles)

Aigen (24 roles)

Ascento (1 role)

Autonomo Technologies (4 roles)

AWL Automation (3 roles)

Baubot (11 roles)

Berkshire Grey (20 roles)

Bonsai Robotics (6 roles)

Boston Dynamics (17 roles)

Bot-Hive (1 role)

Brain Corp (3 roles)

Chef Robotics (5 roles)

Dexterity (28 roles)

Enchanted Tools (16 roles)

Engineered Arts (9 roles)

Exotec (13 roles)

Formic (11 roles)

Infinite Food (5 roles)

LYRO (5 roles)

Machina Labs (20 roles)

Neya Systems (6 roles)

Nimble Robotics (2 roles)

Sanctuary AI (31 roles) (1 role)

Scythe Robotics (5 roles)

Sutro (1 role)

Vention (15 roles)


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