Latest way to buy Airtel airtime on MPesa 2023

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buy Airtel airtime on MPesa

The convenience of topping up your mobile phone’s airtime is essential. M-Pesa, a mobile money service in Kenya, offers a hassle-free way to purchase Airtel airtime. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the simple steps to buy Airtel airtime using MPesa. You may also want to learn how to use M-Pesa to get Telkom airtime here.

1. Go to the M-Pesa menu

Begin by going to the M-Pesa menu. Most mobile phones allow you to do this directly through the home screen or by dialling a specific code, such as *150# for Safaricom users.

2. Select ‘Pay Bill’

Once you’re in the M-Pesa menu, navigate to the “Pay Bill” option. This is the gateway to make payments to various businesses and service providers, including Airtel.

3. Enter Business No. 220220

When prompted to enter the Business Number, type in “220220.” This number identifies Airtel as the recipient of your payment. It’s essential to ensure accuracy at this stage.

4. Enter account No. (AIRTXXXXXX)

In the “Account Number” field, you will enter “AIRTXXXXXX.” However, replace the XXXXXX with your Airtel mobile number. This step is crucial to ensure that the airtime is credited to your specific Airtel account.

5. Specify the amount

Now, input the amount of airtime you wish to purchase. Be sure to double-check the amount to avoid any errors. Your chosen amount will be deducted from your M-Pesa account.

6. Enter your MPesa PIN to buy Airtel airtime

To complete the transaction securely, you’ll need to enter your M-Pesa PIN. This is your secret personal identification number that safeguards your M-Pesa account. It ensures that only you can authorize transactions.

7. Send the payment to buy Airtel airtime on MPesa

Once you’ve entered your M-Pesa PIN, review the details of your transaction to ensure accuracy. If everything looks correct, press the “Send” or “Confirm” button to finalize the purchase.

Within a few moments, you’ll receive a confirmation message from both M-Pesa and Airtel, indicating that your airtime purchase was successful. 

Final thoughts on how to buy Airtel airtime on MPesa

Buying Airtel airtime using M-Pesa is not only quick and smooth but also secure. It eliminates the need to visit a physical store or get scratch cards, making it a convenient option for Airtel subscribers in Kenya. So, the next time you need to top up your Airtel airtime, follow these seven easy steps and enjoy uninterrupted communication at your fingertips. 

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